61 in 1 Action Camera Accessories Kit – Review

A quick look at the 61 in 1 Action Camera Accessories Kit

Product: 61 in 1 Action Camera Accessories Kit

Price: $22.99

Place To Buy: Amazon.com

My Rating: 4 Out Of 5

Your Creativity

With so many options available in the 61 in 1 Action Camera Accessories Kit you may just have to look up what they all are and how to use them. The different variations offered by this kit may push the limits of your creativity.

Easily Interchangeable

The parts in the 61 In 1 Action Camera Accessories Kit are easily interchangeable with one another. This assists you in being able to easily go from one setup to another. Your choice of a solid mount to a mobile one is easily accomplished with minimal effort. The included accessory guide, with photos and descriptions, adds value to this action camera kit a reference for usage options.

The Case

With deep foam cushioning to hold the action camera accessories there is no bouncing, banging, or flopping around of pieces. This case helps to keep the accessories neatly placed and secure.

Beyond The Basics

Accessories include the basics – car mount, handlebar mount, sticky backs, mounting bases, and helmet strap. Beyond the basics the 61 In 1 Action Camera Accessories Kit offers a multitude of components. This includes items such as a selfie stick and floating hand grip. Below i have included a full list of items contained within the kit.

Components and Features:

1*Selfie stick/Handheld Monopod. Maximum length up to 1.1m

1*Floating Hand Grip. Avoid losing your camera in water sports

1*Carrying case. Large Size. Shockproof. Waterproof

1*Chest Harness. Comfortably-adjustable design

3*Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount. Perfect for Bicycling, Mountain Biking

3*Flat-Surface Mounts

2*Curved-Surface Mounts

5*Long screw

2*Short screw

2*Tripod Mount Adapter

11*sticker. Fix camera on curved and flat surface

3*Black Buckle Basic

1*360 Rotation Clip. Quick clip and remove

1*Nylon Wrist Strap. Fix your Bluetooth controller

1*Head strip. Waterproof

1*Suction cup mount. Keep the contact surface clean and flat when using

1*Insurance Tether Strap. Further secure camera

1*360 Rotation Wrist Strap. Adjust freely

12*Anti-fog inserts. Reusable

1*Vented Helmet Strap. Durable nylon strap

1*Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm

1*The Extension Arm with Mount for Helmet

2*J-Hook Buckle Mount


Here are a few things that I thought were worth mentioning about the 61 In 1 Action Camera Accessories Kit

  • Non-elastic wrist strap for selfie stick and float stick.
  • The head strap non-slip surface is only one sided.
  • The wrist strap is somewhat narrow.
  • The body harness is comfortable but, may not fit over bulky clothing (winter gear).
  • Suction mount is low profile and makes a nice clean dash cam mount with strong holding power.
  • Standard camera gear can be utilized with the tripod adapters.
  • Strong spring and gripping teeth for the alligator clip.


Over all the 61 In 1 Action Camera Accessories Kit offers great value for its price point. There are lots of mounting options available whether for stationary, mobile, or wearable recording, this kit will have you covered. Are ready to put your creativity to the test? Purchasing the 61 In 1 Accessories Kit is a great option.


Remember to always check compatibility with your action camera.

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Action Camera Kit

The action camera kit that comes with your camera may only cover some basic applications and uses such as a handle bar mount, or a helmet mount.

Depending on which brand of action camera you purchase you may get a few or a lot of accessories. The action camera kit that comes with your camera may only cover some basic applications and uses such as a handle bar mount, or a helmet mount. The more you use your action camera the sooner you will discover which mounting options you need and thus, the extent of the action camera kit you require.

Which Action Camera Kit Is For You?

The action camera kit for you will be dependent on your activities. You may have to ask yourself a few questions such as, will I be wearing a helmet? Am I riding a bike? Am I skiing? Are my activities high or low impact? Answering these questions will assist you in selecting your appropriate accessory kit. There are a varying number of accessories available from basic action camera kits to advanced kits. Knowing your needs will help to ensure you get the proper kit and not under or over accessorize.

What Does An Action Camera Kit Provide?

Simply put action camera kits provide mounting options for your camera. These options may include mounts to be worn by the person, or attached to helmets, bikes, vehicles and many other sources.

Action Camera Kit
Action Camera with Accessories

Types Of Action Camera Kits Available

Let’s take a look at what may be included in some more basic kits.

Car Suction Cup

  • Is simple yet practical, made of durable hard plastic and soft rubber materials.
  • You can use the vacuum suction cup to install your action camera to your vehicles dashboard or windshield for easy operation while you’re driving.
  • Durable in structure, lightweight, and easy to use.

Hand Wrist Strap Mount

  • Wrist strap mount for action cameras allows the wearer quick and easy control while participating in different activities such as, surfing and bicycling.
  • The mounting plate may rotate 360 degrees and be lockable thus allowing you to adjust the recording angle more conveniently.
  • Provides long-time comfort for the wearer.

Adjustable Belt Chest Strap

  • Widely used on surfing, skiing, skateboarding, riding bicycle/ motorcycle.
  • Adjustable Elastic Strap. Comfortable, fully-adjustable design fits all shapes and sizes, including over large jackets.
  • Inner lined with an anti-skid material for good wear, even when you are sweating.

Adjustable Head Strap Mount

  • Anti-skid design on the back of the strap.
  • Adjustable and compact design, meeting different requirements of the users.
  • Through screw, keep your camera on your head safe.

Essential Action Camera Kits

Beyond the basics there are what may be considered essential kits. An essential action camera kit may include the following accessories as well as the ones mentioned above.

Selfie Monopod – Allowing you to be more creative and take your camera to new highs (and lows). Shoot some amazing new footage at more interesting angles.

Chest Strap with J-hook Mount– Lower than the helmet view of the action the chest strap makes it easy to capture immersive video and photos. It’s perfect for skiing, mountain biking, motocross, paddle sports or any activity where you want a more engaging perspective. You’ll capture more of your arms, knees, poles and skis while skiing-and more of your arms and handlebars while biking or riding your motorcycle.

Head Strap Mount – Fully adjustable to fit all sizes, the head strap can be worn over a helmet or directly on your head to capture footage from a headlamp-like perspective.

Hand Grip Floating Mount – For when the action takes you to the water and you don’t want to have your action camera sink out of sight.

3M adhesive pads for Curved Mounts – Handy for curved surfaces, such as helmets.

Octopus Tripod – flexible arms able to manipulate for recording from stable surface with uneven features.

Many More Options

There are many more options available beyond the basic and essential action camera kits. There are kits available in the 50+ range. This kind of versatility will surely have you trying new techniques to capture the footage you are after since the diversity in mounting options may only be limited by your imagination.

With the variety of action camera kits and accessories available remember to check compatibility with your action camera.

My review of the 61 In 1 Action Camera Accessories Kit

Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package Review Capture Your Hunt

Product: Tactacam 5.0 Gun PackageTactacam 5.0 Gun Package

Price: $429.99

Place To Buy: Amazon.com

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Tactacam 5.0 Product Review

Each hunting adventure I embark on brings different experiences from the field. In order to capture and share these moments I wanted a durable action camera. I believe Tactacam has achieved this with their point of view (POV) cameras. Knowing that these action cameras are made, used, and designed by hunters has eased my mind about the Tactacam 5.0. This robust, tiny lightweight unit is made to withstand rifle recoil, and outdoor adventure. To help save on the impact of these things the Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package comes with a custom gun mount and an under scope rail mount.

Modern Day Sportsman

I do consider myself a modern day sportsman and for me this means using technology to capture my hunting experiences. Tactacam has continuously made advancements with each hunting action camera model they have brought to market. The Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package is making its mark now.

Staying True

Tactacam 5.0 has stayed true to features that I enjoy. These features include, but are not limited to, the simplicity of use, and vibration indication. With the simple push of a button and a small vibration I know that the Tactacam 5.0 is on. It’s nice knowing that indication can be indicated without noisy beeps and chimes. This silence is a real gift.

Beyond Simplicity

The Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package has a number of features I feel will enhance the user experience. With 4K, 1080, and 720 resolution and varying frame rates for each I can capture great looking video and have the capability of slow motion. Image stabilization and audio have also been improved. Thus, I can get a clear picture that is not overly shaky or jittery. The sounds that are picked up by the microphone are also clear. Hearing an animals footsteps as it moves through its natural environment, or the other sounds that are recorded truly enhance the visual aspect. Now that I have gone and mentioned the visual aspect I better let you in on another feature, the ability to zoom. That’s right Tactacam 5.0 has the capability of a 8x zoom. The ability to zoom in and bring animals, and objects into view was handy for identification purposes as well as enhancing the video imagery. All this talk about resolution and zoom capabilities probably has you wondering about battery life. Battery life is boasted at 2.5 hrs, this is achievable and acceptable. Want to learn more about battery life?

Is There An App For That?

Absolutely! The Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package is app compatible and simple to set up. With the Tactacam App and WiFi capabilities I was able to view live footage, and review footage on my phone. The Tactacam App was also handy for making adjustments to settings within the camera. Beyond the Tactacam App there is also a remote with sync capabilities.

What Is The Downside?

With any user experience mine will be different from yours. I offer you a couple cons to add to my assessment of the Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package. I noticed that there is a 1.5 second delay from the time I turned the camera on to when recording starts. Knowing this was helpful in deciding when to push the button to record. The other thing was ergonomics due to where the camera was mounted to the rifle or shotgun. Too far down the barrel made reaching the button awkward, and coordinating the effort became dependent on physical location. These locations included ground blinds, goose blinds, and tree stands. I didn’t find either of these limitations to be deal breakers. I view it as, information to take into account when in the field. This is because unless the remote fails, gets lost, or left behind somewhere, I will be able to use it rather than struggle through the physical limitations and awkwardness.

Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package For The Win

I am a believer in this product. Tactacam has brought hunters and sportsmen alike a great action camera with the Tactacam 5.0. If capturing your hunting expeditions and sharing them with family, friends, and other sportsmen has been on your bucket list then I recommend picking up the Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have any questions about the Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package, or want to leave your own personal review, please do so in the comments below.


Action Cameras For Kids

Action camera popularity has increased over the years. This is apparent through the numbers of brands that are now available. Adults have taken to shooting video footage of their adventures. What about kids? The natural curiosity of children has lead to the development of action cameras for kids. Children focused action cameras are a perfect way to introduce kids to the world of videography.

Encouraging kids to explore their world is not a difficult thing. Since children are naturally curious adding an action camera to capture their life events and adventures provides an avenue to share and relive moments for years to come.

A Day In The Life

How kids play and interact will have an impact on the action camera. Action cameras that have been specifically designed for kids are durable, waterproof, and capable of withstanding the everyday wear and tear a child can put it through.

A day in the life of an action camera may vary as much as the activities associated with the individual child.

  • Will your kids be cycling, running, or swimming?
  • What adventurous physical activities does your child like to do?
  • Is your child rough and tumble, an observer, or creative?

Knowing how your children play and interact with their environment will help determine how an action camera in their possession will be treated.

Choosing The Right Action Camera

It may seem like a daunting task to choose an action camera for your kids but there are some general guidelines to follow.

  • Quality – Will image quality be of an acceptable resolution?
  • Durability – Will it last more than a couple hours? Does it have a case?
  • Battery Life – How long will a typical charge last?
  • Portability – What types of mounts are available to stay hands free?
  • Customizing Features – What effects, and filters are integrated into the camera to provide a personal touch?
  • Memory Capacity – Is there a decent internal memory? Is an external memory available? Are there minimum and maximum restrictions to the size of an external memory card?

See: How To Buy An Action Camera for more information

Lets take a look at some Action Cameras for kids.


Akamate Kids Action Camera

Kids Action Camera

The Akamate kids action camera is suitable for ages 4 – 12 years, and makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays. The color options available are pink and blue.

For added fun and excitement the camera boasts 5 different frame photo effects, and 3 funny kids games, making it great for your childs creativity.

Features include a resolution of 1080p @ 30fps for video and 5MP for photos. It is capable of capturing memorable moments with sound, and provides a 2″ color screen for your viewing pleasure. With a durable waterproof case rated to 30m (100ft) swimming with the camera is not a problem. This unit is also equipped with a rechargeable battery with a life of 150min @ 1080p.

With plenty of accessories for mounting options you will be able to attach the camera not only to your kids bike or helmet but other surfaces as well.
With a 32GB memory card there is plenty of room for your child to record adventure.


VTeck Kidizoom Action Cam

Kids Action Camera

Are your kids adventures on land and water? Yes, you say. Then this action camera may be just what they need.

The VTeck Kidizoom Action Cam is capable of mounting on a bicycle, helmet, and skateboard making it great for land adventures. What about water? Good to go there too. With a waterproof case and floating handle water is an acceptable adventure zone for the VTeck Kidizoom.

With special effects like time-lapse, stop motion, burst mode, and fast and slow motion frames creating unique video and images is a possibility from wherever your kids play.

VanTop Junior K8 Kids Camera

Kids Action Camera

While there may be a lull in the action that your kid is shooting, the VanTop Junior K8 Kids Camera comes equipped with 4 games to play and stave off boredom. Other boredom busting features include 20 customizable photo frames, and 8 distorting mirror effects.

Features of the VanTop Junior K8 include 1080p @ 30fps video, and 8MP photos. Along with an LED flash, selfie mode, and a 2.4″ large screen, this camera is ready to capture some great video and imagery.

With a waterproof case, recording video and snapping photos while swimming is not an issue. The waterproof rating is 30m (100ft). The case is also of a kid proof silicon construction capable of handling drops and tumbles. Whether your kid takes this camera for a bike ride or to a water fight its ready for adventure.


Sense Of Pride

The sense of pride your kids will have in being capable of shooting photos and video on their own is a wonder to behold. Now is the time for them to explore the world around them and their own creativity.


Action Camera Image Stabilization

Shaky video footage at one time was viewed as an acceptable part of the experience. However, action camera image stabilization has come to the forefront due to a demand for smoother images.

The heart stopping, stomach dropping feeling that you get from watching a video can be ruined if you are over taken by the feeling of nausea caused by shaky, jittery video footage. The excitement and rush are what you crave from the video, not to be put off from watching it.

What Is Image Stabilization?

Image stabilization is a way to reduce blurring associated with the motion of the action camera.

New technologies have allowed for advancement beyond internal gimbals and moving parts to stop jittery, and shaky video. Your camera may be equipped with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). Thus, providing steady and smooth video flow.

Setting the camera’s stabilization mode will go a long way towards reducing shakiness. There may be an option available to set the camera to dash cam mode. This will add to stabilizing the video when moving at higher rates of speed.

Shake Reduction

The inclusion of internal sensors such as an accelerometer, to determine how fast the camera is moving, as well as a gyroscope, to observe the action camera’s rotation, has provided extra value to reducing shaky video. The processor interprets this data and is able to create a clear picture of how the camera is moving and oriented. Translation of this information creates smoother video footage.

Physical Image Stabilization Devices

You may find yourself fighting the shakes while trying to physically hold the action camera. If you are doing this, try to keep your arms and hands close to your body. Keep your grip light but sufficient to maintain your hold on the camera. A tight grip or clenching may cause unnecessary shaking and vibration due to muscle tension. You may also want to consider using one of the following devices to assist with stabilization.

  • Mounting Brackets
  • Gimbals
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Tripods
  • Stablization Handle Grips

Note: Remember to check compatibility with your action camera.


There are operational limits to both physical, and internal processing for stabilization. However, this doesn’t mean there is nothing more you can do to smooth out the video. Another way to stabilize video footage is through the use of video editing software. Software will also have its own limitations. A fairly common limitation is cropping the video to create stabilization. The amount of stabilization correlates with cropping. In other words increasing stabilization will increase the amount of video being cropped.

Take the time

Explore the action cameras image stabilization settings. Take the time to assess your needs and decide if the camera settings are sufficient to produce a smooth video, or if physical devices and software will also be required.

Capture Create Share

Have Fun!

Action Camera Battery Life

Battery life is measured as the time for one singular discharge. This means the time it takes for the battery to go from fully charged to no charge. A low enough charge that an action camera will not function can also be considered a discharged battery. The action camera battery life can vary from brand to brand. General battery life is usually one hour up to three hours on a full charge. Action Camera with Battery


What Affects Action Camera Battery Life?

Two of the most prominent factors that affect battery life are:

  • Discharge Rate
  • Temperature

The discharge rate of a battery is the time it takes for a singular discharge from full to nothing. Regardless of the charge level the discharge rate to zero remains constant under ideal conditions. The time it takes to reach zero is what changes depending on the charge percentage. A battery at 100% will take longer to discharge than a battery at 50%. This makes it fair to say that having a fully charged battery before running your action camera will be beneficial.

At room temperature a battery is at an optimal operating temperature. However, your life events don’t revolve around room temperature. An action camera’s battery is no different. A battery could be subject to high temperatures due to environment, exposure to sun light, as well as encasing of the action camera, all of which can contribute to overheating. As the camera heats so does the battery. Thus, creating more chemical activity which in turn can deplete battery life. On the other end of the spectrum, lower temperatures decrease the capacity of the battery shortening its life.

Prolonging Battery Life

In order to prolong the battery life of the action camera there are a few things that can be done.

Firmware updates, if available, can eliminate software bugs that may have been affecting the camera’s functionality and efficiency.

Settings and customization should be set so that only the necessary options are used. Decide what is required for the current application and adjust the action camera. A few things to adjust depending on your needs:

  • LED light indicators
  • LCD Brightness
  • Auto power off setting
  • WiFi
  • Beep Volume
  • Remote
  • Bluetooth

Depending on which camera you choose there may be a difference in the options available to you. Taking the time to scroll through and adjust these settings to your own particular needs will aid you in preserving battery life.

Action Camera Battery
Action Camera Battery

Resolution Choice

The resolution you choose for your video will play a part in battery life. Higher resolutions will deplete the battery at a higher rate. Currently 1080p @ 60fps is the standard, using this as a starting point will allow you to assess your needs and adjust accordingly.

Battery Storage

Lifespan is a measure of how many charges and discharges it can undergo before losing viability as a power storage device. Therefore, when it comes to storage a good practice is to remove the battery from the action camera and keep it in a dry place at room temperature.

Action Camera Battery
Action Camera Battery

Leaving a battery in the camera allows for a bit of power to be used and will drain the battery to complete discharge. This in turn decreases lifespan which will eventually lead to diminished battery life.


The Longest Lasting Battery

Who has the longest lasting battery? This question may defy a definitive answer due to how the battery is manufactured and assembled. Each individual battery, even those of the same brand and manufacturer, could have life variations. Other factors that come into play are shelf life, chemical composition, temperature exposure, usage, and storage.

Having spare batteries charged and on hand is a great way to combat untimely battery depletion.

Action Camera Resolution

The degree of detail visible in the video image is a simple explanation of action camera resolution. The image quality of a video gets defined by the number of horizontal lines stacked on top of each other thus, it becomes known as resolution. Remember, the more pixels available the higher the resolution.

Popular Action Camera Resolutions

Since image quality is defined by the horizontal lines, it is the second number by which resolutions are named after. Three of the most popular action camera resolutions are:

  • HD or HD Ready (720p)
  • Full HD (1080)
  • Ultra HD (4K)

HD or HD Ready (720p) resolution consists of the pixel formation 1280 x 720. It is known to be HD Ready because it meets the minimum HD quality requirements. It is capable of delivering a sharp, crisp image on most screens.

Full HD (1080p) resolution consists of the pixel formation 1920 x 1080. At this time Full HD is the most common image resolution for action camera filming. Being so popular means that most televisions and screens can display this image quality.

Ultra HD (4K) resolution consists of the pixel formation 3840 x 2160. It is known as 4K because it offers four times the pixels of Full HD (1080p). In cinemas, it has become the standard picture quality. It only makes sense that with advancing video technology that it be offered as an option in the action camera resolution settings.

What does frames per second mean?

When setting the resolution for your action camera you will notice that there is another option associated with it. This is the frame rate or frames per second (fps). This is the number of frames a camera records every second. The frame rate determines how smoothly images play. Popular frame rates in action cameras are as follows:

  • 30 fps – A flexible frame rate that allows you to record in most light conditions, and capture images such walking and normal movements without blurring.
  • 60 fps – A good frame rate for capturing motion. Action images and quick movements can then be slowed down 2X to add a slow motion effect. To avoid underexposure you will want to keep lighting in mind. A good light will help prevent dark video.
  • 120 fps – Motion captured at this frame can be used for extreme slow motion effect. Slowed down 4x. A very well lit environment will be required for this frame rate.

The End Goal

Your choice in action camera resolution will be determined by your end goal.

Are you looking to take fast action, or quick movements and create slow motion effects? Are you out to capture your life events as they unfold during your adventures? In either case a good starting point with your action camera would be the resolution Full HD (1080p) @ 60 fps. This will allow for motion capture, slow motion effects, and a good quality image for viewing and sharing content.


Playing around with your action cameras resolution settings will be a great experiment, so go have some fun!


Action Camera Durability

Looking at the durability of an action camera there are few things to consider. Let’s take some time to explore these things.

What Degree Of Ruggedness?

Ruggedness not only pertains to the environment in which the action camera will be subject to but, as in the case of durability you will want to be confident that the action camera is capable of enduring hardships, and wear and tear. Is it strong enough to sustain its condition, performance, and functionability through the rigors of your life events? In other words can the action camera durability match the way you choose to play? Are you a mountain biker, hiker, skier, active in extreme sports, or are other pursuits? Where do your interests lie? Assessing your own personal interests and activities will help decide on the degree of ruggedness you will require from the action camera you select.

What Kind Of Abuse Will This Action Camera Take?

As you know abuse can show itself in different forms, from the expected the unexpected. The action camera abuse from the expected format comes from the known hazards associated with the activity being performed. For example, let’s look at mountain biking. There will be ground vibrations associated with the type of terrain being ridden on. Different terrains will each create its own amount of shaking, and impact forces through the tires and frame of the bike as it moves. Looking at the conditions of the ride you will be able to see where the camera is mounted will affect how much abuse it is subject to. An action camera attached to the handlebars of the bike will endure greater stresses than one that is body or helmet mounted. This is due to the different energy absorption capabilities of the bike as compared to the bike plus rider. Essentially the rider becomes a damper and helps dissipate the resulting vibration and shock wave. There is a certain amount of durability designed into these action cameras that allows for rugged use, and occasional mishaps.

The Occasional Mishap

Action Camera Durability
Dropped Action Camera

What forms do these occasional mishaps take?

  • Drops
  • Falls
  • Impacts
  • Stepped On
  • Run Over

Drops and falls both pose similar questions: From what height? To what surface? How did the action camera land?

Impacts themselves can be from a moving object to a stationary camera, a moving camera to a stationary object, or even a moving object into a moving camera. Impact possibilities and instances will definitely put the durability of an action camera to the test.

A stepped on action camera will have its durability tested in a few ways raising a number of questions: Who / What stepped on the action camera? What type of surface was the action camera on? Was the step sustained, quick, slow, intentional or not?

A run over action camera can come from any number of wheeled vehicles from wagons, bikes, quads, side by sides, other ATV’s, and even cars and trucks.
Knowing what ran over the camera and how will determine how much damage the camera sustained.

The above mentioned mishaps can happen through regular use and it is important to remember that just because there appears to be no visible physical damage there may be some functional or internal damage that may affect the device. Anything may have happened, or nothing may have happened to the action camera.

The effects of abuses may depend on too many factors to be predictable unless you are knowingly using the action camera outside of the realm for which it was designed. It would be somewhat ridiculous to think that using the camera as hammer, nut cracker, or bottle opener, are appropriate applications for the device.
This type of action camera abuse would certainly detract from its durability.

Other Things To Consider

Durability is not only affected by ruggedness, use, and abuse but other environmental factors that may contribute to the action camera remaining durable.

Temperature Range – This could be high or low. At higher temperatures the action camera may overheat thus making functions erratic or nonexistent. Lower temperatures may cause the same problems but may also include structural failure due to the casing of the action camera becoming brittle making it susceptible
to breakage if dropped or impacted.
Battery performance will become less due to the fact that batteries discharge at a higher rate in cold temperatures. Keeping the action camera in a pocket close to your body will help keep it warm until needed. Extra batteries kept warm in a similar way will benefit you in case of complete discharge of the battery currently in use.

Waterproof Action Camera
Waterproof Action Camera

Waterproof – Being durable also means that the action camera must be able to withstand exposure to water. Some are designed to be splash proof and will only repel splashes of liquid, or light liquid on the device that is not of an amount to cause damage. Waterproof on the other hand means that the action camera is capable of remaining unaffected by water or other liquids under specified conditions. These conditions may be based on depth and exposure time. An example: 33ft (10m) for 30 minutes. Here are 3 questions to ask when it comes to water durability.

  1. Is this action camera waterproof?
  2. To what depth and for how long will it remain waterproof?
  3. Does it need a separate waterproof case?

What Makes The Action Camera Durable?

A durable action camera is reliant on manufacturer construction, proper use for its design, and the environment to which it is exposed.


Hunting Action Cameras

Your time in the field should be considered an investment. A hunting action camera will be another investment to relive your experiences and share your adventure. Not every outing will be event filled but when the time arises to capture the unique spectacle before you, it would be great to capture it on video. Having a hunting action camera to film your experience with would truly be a wonderful way in which to enhance your adventure, especially when the time to tell your story arises. Backing up your tale with video evidence certainly is a great way to relive, and share with family, friends, and others.

Wishing You Had A Hunting Action Camera

Have you ever been caught in the middle of some unique wildlife action and said to yourself, ‘Gee, I wish I had an action camera for hunting?’ I know I have.

Tactacam Hunting Action Camera
Tactacam bow mounted hunting action camera

In the midst of these encounters and events there seems to be a beauty among the creatures of the forest that adds a new dimension to life. Experiencing this is on thing, getting it on video another. I would bet that you have a few interesting stories to tell and when you tell them some individuals just don’t believe you. Now imagine if you had it all recorded on camera and could play the video for the naysayers. How fabulous it would be to see the look on their faces and the change in their attitude upon delivery of proof.

What Would Your Hunting Video Be?

Would your video be a moose encounter, a turkey harvest, or just a random event of animal curiosity? You don’t know, and that is the beauty of the mystery held by Mother Nature. What you do know is that having a hunting action camera at your disposal will aid you with video proof to enhance your story. Whether you are sitting, walking, or riding Mother Nature is sure to astound with the life within her. Being at the ready to film her creatures in all their glory puts you in the unique position to capture firsthand, rare footage of this life.

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t be stoked to know they have captured video of two whitetail bucks locking antlers in a battle for dominance?

Activities Afield

As you venture into the outdoors, remember to grab your action camera. The footage you capture today can be relived and shared tomorrow. Make this device a must in your excursions afield.

Questions To Consider

Here are just a few quick questions to ask yourself as you prepare for your hunt:

  • What is my weapon of choice? Rifle? Shotgun? Compound Bow? Crossbow?
  • Will I be walking? Sitting? Riding? In a treestand?
  • Is my camera applicable to my weapon choice? Type of hunting?
  • Is my camera mounted correctly for the applicable weapon?
  • Are my camera functions set up correctly? Easy to use?
  • What are the capabilities of this action camera?
  • How will weather conditions affect the camera’s performance?

There are many more questions you can ask and those mentioned above are only a start to help you on your way to making a memorable video of the hunts you experience, and the events that unfold before you.

From The Unique To The Rare

Hunting adventures can surely turn up some unique, interesting, and rare encounters. This can be events such as:

  • Beavers trimming and placing branches on their dams.
  • Ducks silently swimming.
  • Squirrels chasing one another.
  • Foxes, and coyotes hunting mice.
  • Ruffed grouse drumming their breasts.
  • Deer feeding with their fawns.
  • Moose bellowing and thrashing trees.
  • Elk bugling.Hunting Action Camera

The possibilities of what you could capture on your hunt are endless.

The Reward

A glimpse into the world of Mother Nature is truly an exhilarating adventure, and being able to share these life events with family and friends is the reward. The knowledge and experience gained is well-deserved by those of you putting yourselves out in the wild and amongst the wildlife.

May your adventures be great, and your video footage be astounding!

How To Buy An Action Camera

Looking for away to relive and share your spectacular outdoor adventures? Then an action camera is just what you need. How to buy an action camera is a great question to consider when looking at documenting your achievements in video form. From one spectacular achievement to the next, a great video can enhance it all. Let’s take a look at a few things to consider before purchasing an action camera.


With varying degrees of ruggedness available you should select a camera that is as tough as the games you play. Tolerance levels such as: Drop distance, still capable of working after a fall. Temperature variance, how will the camera handle hot and cold and to what extremes? Will it handle being submerged? To what depth? You will want to check the specific information of the camera to see if it will meet your needs. More on durability.

Size, Shape, Weight

Depending on the application you will be using the action camera for, and mounting needs, shape will play role. Box shape (body mount), or bullet/barrel shape (helmet mount). Portability will also be a factor to consider, after all compact lightweight design is desirable over something bulky and cumbersome.

Mounting Options

Depending on what brand you are looking to purchase there will be a difference in accessories, mounting options, and add-ons. This will exist between different brands but may hold true for models of the same brand. Be diligent in you research. Buying the wrong accessory for the sport or activity you are engaged in will hamper your efforts to capture the experience of your life event.


Common options for reliving your exciting moments are to capture them in high definition. This could be either 1080p for HD or Ultra HD 4K. Resolution and frame rate can be key in how yourself and your viewers enjoy the video. There are several options available so knowing what you would like to accomplish with your video will aid in selection. Some action cameras will allow you to change the resolution for recording. For example : 1080p 60fps, or 720p 120fps. More on resolution.

Field Of View

Field of view is known as the area the camera can capture at any moment. Some cameras will give you the option to adjust from wide, medium, and narrow. Depending on the brand, or model the field of view (FOV) may or may not influence your decision to buy. Just know that a wider angle can become distorted and create a fish eye effect.

Battery Life

Choosing an action camera with the longest battery life is not necessarily the correct answer. Most cameras will last from an hour up to three hours of continuous use. Longer battery life may come at sacrificing features that are available to cameras with a lower battery life. If there are features and options that are must haves for your needs then most certainly forego some battery life. You can always buy spare batteries to have charged and on hand. Tip: Some battery life may be extended by turning off unused features. More on battery life.

Image Stabalization

Nobody likes to watch a video that is shaky and puts strain on the eyes. Feeling like you are on the verge of a seizure or developing a headache from watching is definitely not pleasant. There have been great advancements in video stabilization thus making the viewer experience enjoyable. Definitely a strong feature to have. More on image stabilization

Wind Noise Reduction

High quality wind noise reduction is needed if you are planning to capture your outdoor life events. It’s always great to hear the surrounding environment, and sounds purposely recorded rather than the wind.


To experience your video at its best purchasing the fastest memory you can afford for your action camera will go a long way in eliminating jerky footage, and dropped frames. A Class 10 card, therefore, would be the minimum to look for. Also, check your camera supports the UHS-II Standard, this will give you greater write speeds.

Special Features

Different brands of action cameras will incorporate into them a certain amount of special features. Knowing what is available, and your personal requirements will play a large part in helping you to select the right camera for your life events. Some special features include:

  • Connectivity Options
  • WiFi Sharing Options
  • Ease Of Use Apps
  • Voice Control
  • Remote Control Compatible
  • Touchscreen
  • GPS Tagging
  • Live Streaming

Certainly there are many features to look at but knowing what you require for yourself and the audience you desire to reach will go a long way in the decision process. Take your time, do your research and the choice you make will be correct.

The Creative You

Action cameras and all their many options have come about to allow you, the user, to become the director, and producer, to show the world how awesome something can be. No personal adventure is to big or small to capture, relive and share. Get creative with that newly selected action camera. Record your hike, your mountain bike ride, your fishing adventure, anything that captures the essence of who you are and what you do. Relive it for yourself, share it with family, friends, or even the world. To your next great achievement and life event. Cheers!