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Hi everyone and welcome to my Life Events Cam website. The outdoors has played a big part in my life, whether it is camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting. Often times I found myself saying, “what an awesome experience, wish I had that on video.” Now with the advancements in technology I can.

Growing Up
I grew up as part of a large family of loggers, trappers, hunters and fishermen. It was through these family members my appreciation for the outdoors grew. There were the lazy days of summer sitting on the dock fishing, hoping somebody would catch a big fish or any fish at all for that matter. The wild scream of “Fish On” when on was finally caught. The excitement, the rush of adrenaline, and the fight of the lunker at the end of the fishing line was truly a great experience.

Hunting provide for the family. Whether it was the wily ole Whitetailed buck, the majestic Moose, or the Great Bugling Elk, there would be meat for the winter. How great it was to catch sight of the whitetail as he waved good bye when getting too close, or to watch the moose as he fed in the swamp, and the elk, oh to listen to them chirp, talk, and hear the bull elk bugle. These are just some great things I experienced.

Life has brought all of us our own experiences some of which we wish we could capture and view again at another time. My own experiences have grown into the desire to capture my outdoor adventures on video. It is through this platform that I intend to relive these events.

Capture It

Being that life is a great event I have found that capturing it on video can be very rewarding. It gives you the chance not only to relive events but to share them with family, friends, and others who may be interested.

Are you ready to capture your own life events?

To Your Footage,

Founder of Life Events Cam

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