Action Camera Battery Life

Battery life is measured as the time for one singular discharge. This means the time it takes for the battery to go from fully charged to no charge. A low enough charge that an action camera will not function can also be considered a discharged battery. The action camera battery life can vary from brand to brand. General battery life is usually one hour up to three hours on a full charge. Action Camera with Battery


What Affects Action Camera Battery Life?

Two of the most prominent factors that affect battery life are:

  • Discharge Rate
  • Temperature

The discharge rate of a battery is the time it takes for a singular discharge from full to nothing. Regardless of the charge level the discharge rate to zero remains constant under ideal conditions. The time it takes to reach zero is what changes depending on the charge percentage. A battery at 100% will take longer to discharge than a battery at 50%. This makes it fair to say that having a fully charged battery before running your action camera will be beneficial.

At room temperature a battery is at an optimal operating temperature. However, your life events don’t revolve around room temperature. An action camera’s battery is no different. A battery could be subject to high temperatures due to environment, exposure to sun light, as well as encasing of the action camera, all of which can contribute to overheating. As the camera heats so does the battery. Thus, creating more chemical activity which in turn can deplete battery life. On the other end of the spectrum, lower temperatures decrease the capacity of the battery shortening its life.

Prolonging Battery Life

In order to prolong the battery life of the action camera there are a few things that can be done.

Firmware updates, if available, can eliminate software bugs that may have been affecting the camera’s functionality and efficiency.

Settings and customization should be set so that only the necessary options are used. Decide what is required for the current application and adjust the action camera. A few things to adjust depending on your needs:

  • LED light indicators
  • LCD Brightness
  • Auto power off setting
  • WiFi
  • Beep Volume
  • Remote
  • Bluetooth

Depending on which camera you choose there may be a difference in the options available to you. Taking the time to scroll through and adjust these settings to your own particular needs will aid you in preserving battery life.

Action Camera Battery
Action Camera Battery

Resolution Choice

The resolution you choose for your video will play a part in battery life. Higher resolutions will deplete the battery at a higher rate. Currently 1080p @ 60fps is the standard, using this as a starting point will allow you to assess your needs and adjust accordingly.

Battery Storage

Lifespan is a measure of how many charges and discharges it can undergo before losing viability as a power storage device. Therefore, when it comes to storage a good practice is to remove the battery from the action camera and keep it in a dry place at room temperature.

Action Camera Battery
Action Camera Battery

Leaving a battery in the camera allows for a bit of power to be used and will drain the battery to complete discharge. This in turn decreases lifespan which will eventually lead to diminished battery life.


The Longest Lasting Battery

Who has the longest lasting battery? This question may defy a definitive answer due to how the battery is manufactured and assembled. Each individual battery, even those of the same brand and manufacturer, could have life variations. Other factors that come into play are shelf life, chemical composition, temperature exposure, usage, and storage.

Having spare batteries charged and on hand is a great way to combat untimely battery depletion.

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