Brands Of Action Cameras

Different brands of action cameras offer features on their cameras that assist in the ease of use, attachability, portability and overall durability. The methodology behind the construction of each action camera may be unique to the manufacturer. Each trying to capture basic usage needs while going beyond conventional. Todays normal is beyond conventional and pushing the boundaries is what’s bringing new innovations to light.


Action Camera GoPro
Markus Lompa

Arguably the king of action cameras. The mere mention of the name brings an instant connection that sets the idea train in motion. The mind starts reeling with possibilities, from surfing, cycling, hiking, to taking on new adventures brought forth through ones imagination. The creation of new memories of you life events can be relived and shared over and over again. Thanks Nick Woodman!

Garmin Virb

Action Camera Garmin Virb
Matti Blume [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
With Garmin already having a market of outdoor and sports enthusiasts at its door, the introduction of action cameras comes as a compliment to their products. Jumping on the action camera bandwagon may give Garmin the advantage with being able to call on their expertise used in the Sat-Nav developments to bring forth unique concepts and enhance the user experience on a grand scale. How exciting is that?


The outdoor lifestyle presents so many life events to active people that their time spent performing sports, exercising, or out casually enjoying the world around them deserves to be captured on video, relived and shared through this medium. A word of mouth story is great but combine it with Safari’s action camera footage and outdoor enthusiasts find themselves opening a new doorway to an exhilarating hobby.


For those who enjoy hunting, fishing, and shooting sports Tactacam has brought to the forefront an action camera that is touted for its ease of use without interfering with your hunt. the convenience of a one push power on auto record button adds stealth to your ability to capture your hunt. Tactacam can be attach to a bow, crossbow, shotgun, or rifle. Talk about great versatility, but it doesn’t stop there. Are you a fisherman that would like to catch angling action from your fishing pole?  Whether you are angling from shore, fly fishing, floating or boating Tactacam has you covered. The shooting sports of Three Gun, Clays, and Long Range can easily incorporate Tactacam into them for capturing feats of marksmanship. Bring on those targets!


With every moment having the potential to be a great moment Spypoint action cameras may be just what is needed to capture the next great life event. Spypoint has developed a weather proof camera capable of remaining effective in a variety of conditions. As outdoor enthusiasts we often find ourselves in less than ideal conditions, and to have a reliable camera right along with us is nothing less than spectacular. After all, when the time comes to share with family and friends having great shots to replay and share is vital to the adventure one experienced.

Rylo 360

If your looking to create a larger than life cinematic experience than the innovative software of the Rylo 360 action camera has you covered. It has great stabilization,which will be great when you’re on the move and looking to create vivid and realistic scenes of the world around you.


This robust action camera from Jeemak may just prove to be a sports enthusiasts dream. If you’re looking to capture epic moments from a road trip or trail ride than this may be the unit for you. where else might you take Jeemak? Why not under the sea for some stunning views? From sea creatures, to coral reefs there will plenty of moments to capture and share.

Bottom Line

Action cameras are here in our lives and what we choose to use them for will have an impact on ourselves, friends, family, and the world around us. Having only touched on a few action camera brands available it is evident that a little research is going to go along way in helping to make a choice. Remember have fun, stay safe, and enjoy all that you capture, create, and share.



A Brief History Of The Action Camera

What Is An Action Camera?

By definition an action camera is a digital camera designed for recording action. I prefer to look at the action camera as a rugged yet compact device capable of capturing the life event of the person immersed in the action. The unique perspective that the wearer can capture and share is a great way to relive the experience or bring the viewer into the action.
Let’s take a look into the history of the action camera.

What Was The First Movie Ever Made?

One thing that can be said is that ever since the invention of film man has been consumed with either telling a story, capturing content of interest, or using the action caught on camera to answer questions. The history of an action camera may be derived from film. Looking back into the history of film we see that there has been a drive to make video through motion pictures for some time. The Horse in Motion (1878) is a great example this. At the time of its production several cameras were set up to capture the action of a horse and give a definitive answer to the question: Are all 4 of the horse’s hooves off the ground at the same time while it gallops? The video from this era proves the question true. Other clips of interest include Roundhay Garden Scene (1888), and Arrival of a Train (1895). What these short movies bring to the forefront is that motion in film can elicit a response. Could the history of the action camera lie within this response?

History Of Wearing The Action Camera

In the early 1960s there were people seeking to capture the first person perspective to immerse the viewer in an extreme if not realistic experience. Individuals such as Skydiver Bob Sinclair capturing footage for the show Ripcord. F1 driver Jackie Stewart experimenting to capture the rush of driving. Even NASA got on board with the use of a HasselBlad 500C to capture photos in Space and on the Moon. The interest in capturing unique images and footage of events did not stop in the 1960s. Rather, it carried on into the decades to come.

With a desire to captivate, immerse and inspire the 1970s dropped us into the drivers seat of Steve McQueen. With the duct taping of a camera to his helmet in 1971, Steve McQueen gave us a unique point of view (POV) from the racer’s perspective in the filming of Le Mans. As Actors took the initiative to help directors bring the viewer into the action, what were future eras to hold?

Even though action was being captured for film and TV through the use of, for lack of a better term, helmet cams, the 1980s brought forth Live Broadcast footage. The first known (broadcast) helmet cam was that of Motocross Grand Prix rider Dick Garcia’s. On June 28,1986, a live broadcast (via microwave) was seen by viewers of the Nissan USGP 500 World Championship at Carlsbad Raceway. What an exciting time this must have been for Aerial Video Systems and ABC. This wouldn’t be all that the 80s held in store for viewers, players, sportsters, adventurers, and innovators.

In 1986, innovator Mehdi Bahktiari of National Geographic helped JooVuux develop an action camera that could be attached to whales. Along with visionary Greg Marshall, marine biologist and filmmaker, comes the rise of attaching action cameras to animal’s. These cameras were significant due to the fact that an animal’s behavior could be captured in its natural environment without being influenced by human presence. These action cameras have come to be known as Crittercams, and have brought to the world some spectacular footage.

With continuing our look into the history of action cameras we find there is no slowing down to where these devices will take us. The 1990s brought us inside the helmets of Football players and the intensity of their sport. These helmet cams gave us a firsthand experience of what it was like to be in the game. Bringing the viewer into the action has opened the doors to what can be accomplished through technology and innovation.

One of the most significant accomplishments would have to be a vision that came to life in the 2000s. The vision of Nicholas “Nick” Woodman to develop a wrist strap to capture still images while surfing. Through Nick’s pursuit came a 35mm wrist camera that was capable of just that. Nick’s endeavor eventually evolved into the development of an action camera. What began as Woodman Labs Inc. turned into something phenomenal. With a name change, the birth of the World’s most renowned action camera GoPro surfaces. Nick Woodman has opened up a world of possibilities to all of us with a desire to capture our life events.

Evolution Of The Action Camera

The brief history of the action camera shows how much the human spirit influences the development of new products. From personalities such as Bob Sinclair, Jackie Stewart, and Steve McQueen strapping large cameras to their heads, to the Crittercams used by Mehdi Bahktiari and Greg Marshall, to Nicholas Woodman’s GoPro, we see a world of cinematic influence. The evolution of the action camera has come about due to the needs and desires of individuals wanting to capture the perfect shot or a unique angle to enthrall the viewer, and possibly to relive for oneself.

Action Cameras Is there Revolution Coming?

Since the inception of GoPro there has been an influx of action cameras hitting the market. The multitude of compact, rugged designed action cameras is growing at a considerable rate. Is there a revolution coming? Quite possible. With the development of new technologies comes the desire to be the first to offer certain features and accessories. One can only ask the most basic questions. Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? For now, it seems like we are sitting on the cutting edge of a new chapter in the History Of The Action Camera.

Fulfilling A Passion

From thrill seekers, to producers, directors, actors and visionaries the action camera has a rich history encompassed in fulfilling the passion of the user to create a visual extravaganza. The viewer becomes immersed in the action, feels the intensity of the shot, is mesmerized by the angle used to emotionally charge the experience as if one was actually in the action themselves. It just might be time for you to start capturing your own life events and sharing them with family, friends, and even the world.

Additional Resources

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