Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package Review Capture Your Hunt

Product: Tactacam 5.0 Gun PackageTactacam 5.0 Gun Package

Price: $429.99

Place To Buy: Amazon.com

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Tactacam 5.0 Product Review

Each hunting adventure I embark on brings different experiences from the field. In order to capture and share these moments I wanted a durable action camera. I believe Tactacam has achieved this with their point of view (POV) cameras. Knowing that these action cameras are made, used, and designed by hunters has eased my mind about the Tactacam 5.0. This robust, tiny lightweight unit is made to withstand rifle recoil, and outdoor adventure. To help save on the impact of these things the Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package comes with a custom gun mount and an under scope rail mount.

Modern Day Sportsman

I do consider myself a modern day sportsman and for me this means using technology to capture my hunting experiences. Tactacam has continuously made advancements with each hunting action camera model they have brought to market. The Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package is making its mark now.

Staying True

Tactacam 5.0 has stayed true to features that I enjoy. These features include, but are not limited to, the simplicity of use, and vibration indication. With the simple push of a button and a small vibration I know that the Tactacam 5.0 is on. It’s nice knowing that indication can be indicated without noisy beeps and chimes. This silence is a real gift.

Beyond Simplicity

The Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package has a number of features I feel will enhance the user experience. With 4K, 1080, and 720 resolution and varying frame rates for each I can capture great looking video and have the capability of slow motion. Image stabilization and audio have also been improved. Thus, I can get a clear picture that is not overly shaky or jittery. The sounds that are picked up by the microphone are also clear. Hearing an animals footsteps as it moves through its natural environment, or the other sounds that are recorded truly enhance the visual aspect. Now that I have gone and mentioned the visual aspect I better let you in on another feature, the ability to zoom. That’s right Tactacam 5.0 has the capability of a 8x zoom. The ability to zoom in and bring animals, and objects into view was handy for identification purposes as well as enhancing the video imagery. All this talk about resolution and zoom capabilities probably has you wondering about battery life. Battery life is boasted at 2.5 hrs, this is achievable and acceptable. Want to learn more about battery life?

Is There An App For That?

Absolutely! The Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package is app compatible and simple to set up. With the Tactacam App and WiFi capabilities I was able to view live footage, and review footage on my phone. The Tactacam App was also handy for making adjustments to settings within the camera. Beyond the Tactacam App there is also a remote with sync capabilities.

What Is The Downside?

With any user experience mine will be different from yours. I offer you a couple cons to add to my assessment of the Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package. I noticed that there is a 1.5 second delay from the time I turned the camera on to when recording starts. Knowing this was helpful in deciding when to push the button to record. The other thing was ergonomics due to where the camera was mounted to the rifle or shotgun. Too far down the barrel made reaching the button awkward, and coordinating the effort became dependent on physical location. These locations included ground blinds, goose blinds, and tree stands. I didn’t find either of these limitations to be deal breakers. I view it as, information to take into account when in the field. This is because unless the remote fails, gets lost, or left behind somewhere, I will be able to use it rather than struggle through the physical limitations and awkwardness.

Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package For The Win

I am a believer in this product. Tactacam has brought hunters and sportsmen alike a great action camera with the Tactacam 5.0. If capturing your hunting expeditions and sharing them with family, friends, and other sportsmen has been on your bucket list then I recommend picking up the Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have any questions about the Tactacam 5.0 Gun Package, or want to leave your own personal review, please do so in the comments below.


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