How To Buy An Action Camera

Looking for away to relive and share your spectacular outdoor adventures? Then an action camera is just what you need. How to buy an action camera is a great question to consider when looking at documenting your achievements in video form. From one spectacular achievement to the next, a great video can enhance it all. Let’s take a look at a few things to consider before purchasing an action camera.


With varying degrees of ruggedness available you should select a camera that is as tough as the games you play. Tolerance levels such as: Drop distance, still capable of working after a fall. Temperature variance, how will the camera handle hot and cold and to what extremes? Will it handle being submerged? To what depth? You will want to check the specific information of the camera to see if it will meet your needs. More on durability.

Size, Shape, Weight

Depending on the application you will be using the action camera for, and mounting needs, shape will play role. Box shape (body mount), or bullet/barrel shape (helmet mount). Portability will also be a factor to consider, after all compact lightweight design is desirable over something bulky and cumbersome.

Mounting Options

Depending on what brand you are looking to purchase there will be a difference in accessories, mounting options, and add-ons. This will exist between different brands but may hold true for models of the same brand. Be diligent in you research. Buying the wrong accessory for the sport or activity you are engaged in will hamper your efforts to capture the experience of your life event.


Common options for reliving your exciting moments are to capture them in high definition. This could be either 1080p for HD or Ultra HD 4K. Resolution and frame rate can be key in how yourself and your viewers enjoy the video. There are several options available so knowing what you would like to accomplish with your video will aid in selection. Some action cameras will allow you to change the resolution for recording. For example : 1080p 60fps, or 720p 120fps. More on resolution.

Field Of View

Field of view is known as the area the camera can capture at any moment. Some cameras will give you the option to adjust from wide, medium, and narrow. Depending on the brand, or model the field of view (FOV) may or may not influence your decision to buy. Just know that a wider angle can become distorted and create a fish eye effect.

Battery Life

Choosing an action camera with the longest battery life is not necessarily the correct answer. Most cameras will last from an hour up to three hours of continuous use. Longer battery life may come at sacrificing features that are available to cameras with a lower battery life. If there are features and options that are must haves for your needs then most certainly forego some battery life. You can always buy spare batteries to have charged and on hand. Tip: Some battery life may be extended by turning off unused features. More on battery life.

Image Stabalization

Nobody likes to watch a video that is shaky and puts strain on the eyes. Feeling like you are on the verge of a seizure or developing a headache from watching is definitely not pleasant. There have been great advancements in video stabilization thus making the viewer experience enjoyable. Definitely a strong feature to have. More on image stabilization

Wind Noise Reduction

High quality wind noise reduction is needed if you are planning to capture your outdoor life events. It’s always great to hear the surrounding environment, and sounds purposely recorded rather than the wind.


To experience your video at its best purchasing the fastest memory you can afford for your action camera will go a long way in eliminating jerky footage, and dropped frames. A Class 10 card, therefore, would be the minimum to look for. Also, check your camera supports the UHS-II Standard, this will give you greater write speeds.

Special Features

Different brands of action cameras will incorporate into them a certain amount of special features. Knowing what is available, and your personal requirements will play a large part in helping you to select the right camera for your life events. Some special features include:

  • Connectivity Options
  • WiFi Sharing Options
  • Ease Of Use Apps
  • Voice Control
  • Remote Control Compatible
  • Touchscreen
  • GPS Tagging
  • Live Streaming

Certainly there are many features to look at but knowing what you require for yourself and the audience you desire to reach will go a long way in the decision process. Take your time, do your research and the choice you make will be correct.

The Creative You

Action cameras and all their many options have come about to allow you, the user, to become the director, and producer, to show the world how awesome something can be. No personal adventure is to big or small to capture, relive and share. Get creative with that newly selected action camera. Record your hike, your mountain bike ride, your fishing adventure, anything that captures the essence of who you are and what you do. Relive it for yourself, share it with family, friends, or even the world. To your next great achievement and life event. Cheers!